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Hello! My name is Patrick. I am posting today in that I will be assisting in the run of JBBS this year. My job will be automating the website so that it will achieve and maintain multiple goals this year:

*Easier processing of signups and assignments
*Auto-code of stories
*Auto-process of stories, so that rather than major effort to code delaying the post of stories, it will all be posted with the hit of one button
*Anonymous messaging system

Now, the last one is a proposal. If it is coded, you will be able to ask your assigned giftee queries if you wish, and they can respond, but both sides will have the names hidden so that nothing will be spoiled. As questions are a need that comes up every year, this is the considered solution. However, we want to check if this is something that you guys would like, or if you would prefer if this still works through indirect email with the showrunners.

As well, are there any other features you might like to see? I would like to try to accomidate needs. None of this will remove the personal involvement. Challenges will still be arranged as always, and stories will still be read and verified to fit the assignment. This is merely an effort to make things self-contained on the side of processing and posting. Many other challenges have obtained this system and it is felt that it can only benefit JBBS to make some sort of similar move as well.

Thank you for reading! :)


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Sep. 9th, 2011 10:33 pm (UTC)
Wow, that's really exciting! What a goal list! I love the idea of being able to contact a giftee anonymously, as well as everything else. It sounds like a lot of work for you folks, though! If you need any webspace, let me know.
Sep. 10th, 2011 03:18 am (UTC)
I really like the idea of the anonymous contact form. This is something I wished the bigger exchanges would have had.

This sounds like a great plan, and thanks for stepping up to run it this year! :)
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