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Last minute problem - our hosting expired and it won't be re-instated until next year. I downloaded the website before this happened, nothing's lost. But it means that we don't currently have a host.

Does anyone know of somewhere I could put JBBS until January? If necessary, it's been suggested that I post each fic here (then on the website when it's up again), but I want to avoid that if I can.
Checking in to see how everyone is doing. We've got about 30 hours till deadline. If you need a little help with that (extensions are discussable if you think you will not be done by then but do not need a pinch-hitter), let me know. :) I'll be emailing everyone I haven't heard from later tonight.

Because a few people are having problems with this, if you sent a fic (or any sort of email) and I did not respond, I didn't receive it. Just try sending it again and if there's issues, comment here.

Hey, guys! I just wanted to check in to how you're all doing. I'm sending a pinch-hit out later today, and I want to make sure of where anyone is at. If you're having any trouble at all, just email the account about it ( jbbs.admin @ gmail ) and I'll get back to you immediately. Don't be afraid to ask for help, I am here to give it. :)

Quick run-down of the dates left: Stories are due on December 23 and pinch-hits are due on December 24. Everything will be posted on the 25th.

Dec. 4th, 2010

So - how's everyone doing? I just want to check in on everything and see how it's all coming along for you guys. :)

If you're having issues but don't want to leave it in public, you can send to jbbs.admin at gmail.

I hope everyone is doing well!


Assignments have been going out since yesterday and I just sent the last one. :) As I noted in the mails, I am going to post a F.A.Q for the sent assignments and if you have any questions that aren't covered, please comment and I will answer that as well. At any time if you need help, either send an email to jbbs.admin@gmail.com or contact me on AIM: kamehamepwned . Feel free to IM me anytime that I'm on, I will always be willing to help. :)

The base rules are here.

Because there are many times that I have new information about JBBS but it isn't enough for a new post, I've set up a plurk here. During points that I am working on a specific part of the challenge (such as setting up the final archive on December 24) it will contain a blow-by-blow account of how things are going. Otherwise it will just have one update a day as to how the challenge is at that point.

In each assignment that I've sent out, I made sure that at least two requests fit the author it was being assigned to. However, if I've made an error or you feel you need another assignment, please let me know. I'll work something out. If you have any questions about your assignment, as well, deliver them to me and I will ask the person you are writing for, and send their answers back to you as soon as possible.

This is the final schedule for writing:

December 20: Final Leave Date
December 23: Story Due Datet
December 24: Pinch-hit Due Date

The 'final leave date' is the date you must notify me by if you think you can't finish. Don't be afraid to email if you think you're going to need a pinch-hit. I need to know as soon as possible so that I can assign it to a pinch-hitter.

Finished stories also go to jbbs.admin@gmail.com

I've been asked whether it is possible to write more than one request. I would like everyone to concentrate on finishing one request to what you feel is full satisfaction before looking into anything else. If you have this and feel inspired for another request on your list, email me and we'll talk about it. :)

Thank you, and have fun! :D
JBBS signups for 2010 are now closed! Assignments will be going out later today at 8pm EST.

Thank you! :D
It is the final day of signups with about six hours left before closing! If you haven't signed up but were thinking of doing so, now is the time to decide. :)

Nov. 6th, 2010

The poll is now closed. And there were more votes for November 11, therefore signups will be open until November 11 at midnight. I will post more about advertizing tomorrow, thank you to those who have been spreading the word today.
Hey there! I just wanted to put in a quick note: the sign-ups are still open at the moment, at least for a little it. There's a little bit of confusion on this because it's so awkward to try to specify midnight between two days. It is currently 3:23PM in EST and if signups close today, it will be in 8.5 hours.

It still works through the same form, I would just like a note somewhere in your signup with how you found the signups for the extension: reading this post or a referral. This is just easier for my notes.

Thank you!
Hey, guys! This is an update on the state of the ficathon and it's a pretty important one. We have quite a lot of signups this year and it makes me happy. I am so glad for them and so excited for this ficathon! We have some really great returners and our newcomers are pretty fantastic as well. At the moment, we number at fourteen participants. This is a number we haven't had in a few years, so we're awesome! Take a moment to count yourself as awesome. :-D

To ensure that all is smooth this year, everything is set up early. Structure is great and I'm doing things this year that will make all of this a lot more efficient as compared to previous years.. We've only ran into one problem. The sign-ups deadline. My computer's been out of commission for about two weeks. Luckily, this didn't take out anything in our set up; as said before, all of this is taken care of. However, because of little access, this quite obviously interrupted advertisements and sign-up warnings. I apologize greatly for this and this post is intended to solve that issue.

Choice time: the advertisements didn't happen, do we close signups at midnight tonight or do we hold them open a little longer? If we leave them open, I will put advertisement possibilities on here immediately, and start to shoot them on communities. The computer access problem is being taken care of, so these things will happen on the timely basis. In this case, I have November 10th at midnight in mind as the deadline. If we don't, then they are being extended a little late tonight, but that is all.

In the first case, assignments would go out on November 11th. We could get more participants and more variety by letting more of the fandom know about the ficathon. But this cuts a few days out of the writing deadline on December 22.
In the second case, assignments would go out on November 6th. We have a nice number of participants already, and everything will still go well if we do this. No days will be cut out of the writing deadline.

I am including a poll on this post. If you can vote on it, I would appreciate it. If you would like to comment, I would love that as well. Based on responses, I will make the decision tonight.

Thank you!

Poll #1640951 JBBS 2010 Signups Deadline
This poll is closed.

Close on November 6th or 11th?

November 6
November 11