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JBBS Deadline Poll

First off, this exchange is going to happen this year! We have not forgotten!

However, it is obviously late. With this in mind, moving the deadline back and making this a winter holiday exchange rather than strictly a Christmas one seemed like a good idea. So without further ado, here's a poll to see what timing works best for people.

Poll #1796536 Deadline Poll

When should the deadline be for JBBS?

December 23rd - no change from previous years
December 30th - an extra week
January 4th - even more time
another day - I'll detail in comments

December 30th deadline would lead to stories for the New Year and January 4th to hopefully having them for Three Kings Day (January 6th).

If you choose the fourth option, don't forget to comment and explain when you'd prefer to have stories due!
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For the past month, my internet has been extensively crashing and when it hasn't, I haven't been near it to do the things that I need to do. As a result, this entry is later than I wanted it to be - but that just proves the necessity of it.

As much as I love running JBBS, between my internet and some personal issues this year, it's not really something I can do on a time schedule. And I could try, but it wouldn't go very well. And I don't think that's fair to any of you at all.

I can still help with it but I honestly think at this point, the best thing for me to do is to post and ask if someone could take over. If nobody can, i will figure something out - JBBS still needs to happen. But is there anyone who would like to showrun this year or could help with it? It's not something that you need to do next year because you did it this year. It's just that this year is completely uncovered and if this is going to happen, it needs to not be me doing it.
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Hello! My name is Patrick. I am posting today in that I will be assisting in the run of JBBS this year. My job will be automating the website so that it will achieve and maintain multiple goals this year:

*Easier processing of signups and assignments
*Auto-code of stories
*Auto-process of stories, so that rather than major effort to code delaying the post of stories, it will all be posted with the hit of one button
*Anonymous messaging system

Now, the last one is a proposal. If it is coded, you will be able to ask your assigned giftee queries if you wish, and they can respond, but both sides will have the names hidden so that nothing will be spoiled. As questions are a need that comes up every year, this is the considered solution. However, we want to check if this is something that you guys would like, or if you would prefer if this still works through indirect email with the showrunners.

As well, are there any other features you might like to see? I would like to try to accomidate needs. None of this will remove the personal involvement. Challenges will still be arranged as always, and stories will still be read and verified to fit the assignment. This is merely an effort to make things self-contained on the side of processing and posting. Many other challenges have obtained this system and it is felt that it can only benefit JBBS to make some sort of similar move as well.

Thank you for reading! :)
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JBBS Author Reveal!!!

The website is almost finished, but I didn't want to make this wait until it was. Each story here has been re-uploaded with credit added. But here is the list all in one place:

A Holiday Together: Gloria
Alcohol, Brothers and Christmas Traditions: Ryuutchi
Common Points of Reference: Merfilly
Day In Town: DYLogger
Everything Old is New Again: milleniumrex
Make 'em Laugh: kirax2
Missing: DYLogger
New Identity: DYLogger
No Rivals in ERs: milleniumrex
Silver White Winters: Em
Spoiling For A Fite: Moontyger
Stake Out: Merfilly
Strange Strange Customs: Merfilly
That Weaselly Little...: Minerva
Two Lights in the Darkness: milleniumrex

I want to thank kirax2 for taking things on hand when I had an emergency. Thank you so much for making sure the stories went up!

There's a few stories that have no reviews (one in particular I think may have issues because it fell out of order). If you haven't reviewed your gift yet, please make sure to!

(Anyone willing to test-run the website before it's live? I want to make sure that it doesn't screw up like it did on Christmas.)
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JBBS 2010 Archive is Open!

Whew, it's finished! 

badninja's been having health problems, so I volunteered to upload the stories.  I just got access to the JBBS email this afternoon.  I ended up re-coding most of the stories by hand for various reasons, but they're all online!  I haven't even read my own yet...and I won't get a chance until later, because I promised I'd spend some time with my husband this evening. ^^;

Anyway, it's not terribly pretty right now, but the archive is here:  Eventually we'll have something more attractive available at, but for now, at least all the stories are at that link!  If you notice any problems, like incorrect title or incorrect link at the end, etc, PLEASE comment here and let me know!  I raced through coding these this afternoon, and I could have made some mistakes.  I want to fix any problems ASAP, so let me know, please!

The stories are linked to their respective comment threads, but you can find the full review post here:

Please remember to reply anonymously, so as not to give away who the author is! 
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This is the review post for 2010! Each story has its own comment with its title and recipient.

Each one will also be updated with a link to the story with each comment - so if you want a little preview, keep an eye on this! (It's just going to be really messy at first.) Posting of the archive is starting at 8:00PM EST. I will update again when it's all uploaded. (And delete this line)

Remember that authorship is anonymous - that will be revealed in another post on January 1, 2011.

Please review the one that was written for you,  and others if you can! Everyone worked hard this year and we have a great archive. :) JBBS 2010 is actually the largest one we've had in years!

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays... and enjoy!
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 Hey, guys! Our ficathon this year is awesome. Fifteen people contributed to the bag of stories. :) So we get fifteen wonderful fics to read.

But only thirteen are written right now.

Two need pinch-hitters. Our pinch-hit story level was high this year (six in total) and you guys really pulled together - four fanfics were written in three hours. But the last two hit before midnight, one due to a writer's computer issues and the other due to a horrible case of the flu. Unfortunately, this meant that they were added to the pinch-hitting file after everyone had already viewed it.

The story archive will be uploaded at 8 PM EST. It's going up in the evening instead of the morning so that I can get these fics somehow. If I can't find hitters for them, I'll try to put them together myself while setting up the archive. I am absolutely not pushing the archive past 8PM, so I will do whatever I need to do to get it up there. This is not going to stop us. It just means we read in the evening instead of the morning.

But if you think you could write one of these stories, please email jbbs.admin at gmail or comment. I can link you to the file with the two challenges in it, if you don't already have the link. (I've used the same file every time because it's a lot easier that way.)

Thank you so much to those who have contributed to the pinch-hits so far, your efforts have been awesome. With such a high level of pinch-hit challenges this year, I think that needs to be said outside of everything else. :) The ficathon was literally saved by all the efforts in this field, especially since all but one did not come up as hits until yesterday.

The next post from me will be with this year's set of stories. We're ticking down the clock to our presents! :D
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(no subject)

We've got every fic in but two. Two need pinch-hitting, still, so I'm doing an emergency post for it. If you think you can pitch-hit for this, please comment. Obviously you would get a longer deadline for it - the site goes live at 10am EST, so that's pretty much the deadline.

Thank you so much in advance.
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(no subject)

Down to the wire! The stories are definitely awesome and you guys will enjoy them when they are up. <3 The deadline is coming up, the midnight between December 23 and December 24. I'm letting a little leeway with that (a half an hour), mostly because of time conflicts.

You must email the gmail account (jbbs.admin @ gmail . com), either for communication or story submission, by 00:30 EST. If I do not get a contact by then, your story will be reassigned.

Thank you! :D