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Dec. 25th, 2010

 Hey, guys! Our ficathon this year is awesome. Fifteen people contributed to the bag of stories. :) So we get fifteen wonderful fics to read.

But only thirteen are written right now.

Two need pinch-hitters. Our pinch-hit story level was high this year (six in total) and you guys really pulled together - four fanfics were written in three hours. But the last two hit before midnight, one due to a writer's computer issues and the other due to a horrible case of the flu. Unfortunately, this meant that they were added to the pinch-hitting file after everyone had already viewed it.

The story archive will be uploaded at 8 PM EST. It's going up in the evening instead of the morning so that I can get these fics somehow. If I can't find hitters for them, I'll try to put them together myself while setting up the archive. I am absolutely not pushing the archive past 8PM, so I will do whatever I need to do to get it up there. This is not going to stop us. It just means we read in the evening instead of the morning.

But if you think you could write one of these stories, please email jbbs.admin at gmail or comment. I can link you to the file with the two challenges in it, if you don't already have the link. (I've used the same file every time because it's a lot easier that way.)

Thank you so much to those who have contributed to the pinch-hits so far, your efforts have been awesome. With such a high level of pinch-hit challenges this year, I think that needs to be said outside of everything else. :) The ficathon was literally saved by all the efforts in this field, especially since all but one did not come up as hits until yesterday.

The next post from me will be with this year's set of stories. We're ticking down the clock to our presents! :D


Dec. 25th, 2010 04:25 pm (UTC)
Doing so right now. Sorry about that, I deleted it too fast XD;